Vendors - The Selling Process

Selling a London property can be a daunting, stressful and time-consuming experience. The legal process in the UK is infamously difficult and many property sales do not make it through to completion. It takes a quality estate agent to know the correct value and marketing price and to successfully take your property from valuation and putting up for sale, all the way through to completion- successfully negotiating any issues along the way. 

Stage 1 – Valuation

You can arrange a free no obligation valuation either by phone, email or by visiting us in person at our office. Unlike other agents, we will not over price your property, just to get the instruction. We believe in being integral from the outset and providing an honest, no obligation valuation.

Stage 2 – Instruction to Sell

Once we have agreed a price for the property to go to market we will require some documentation from you to proceed ahead. This is namely a signed agreement and a copy of your passport, (legal requirement). Once we have these in place we will be able to proceed ahead with putting the marketing package together. 

Stage 3 – Marketing

ENAM have at their disposal a vast array of marketing tools to assist in exposing the property to the market place and ensuring maximum coverage. This will include, (at our cost), professional photos, floor plan, EPC, (legal requirement) and 360 degree videos where possible.AWe also have access to web portals such as Rightmove, Zoopla, Findaproperty, and many more. We have a dedicated social media team that will ensure your property is advertised through our facebook page and twitter. This extensive marketing approach generates maximum enquiries, this combined with our already rich data base of active applicants ensures we get the best possible price for your property from the best possible buyer.

Throughout the marketing process we will keep you advised of viewing activity and feedback from potential buyers. This will be accompanied by regular updates on advertising mediums.

Stage 4 – Appointing a Solicitor/Licensed Conveyancer

Choosing the right conveyancer is one of the most important decisions you can make when selling or buying your home. Here at Enam, we work with a small selection of Solicitors who we are happy to introduce to you.

Stage 5 – Offers

All offers made on your property will be lodged and accompanied by the potential buyers position, i.e. first time buyer, deposit amount, conditions of sale etc. This allows you the seller to make a more informed decision on any offers being made.

Stage 6 - Offer Agreed

Once an acceptable offer has been agreed we will notify all parties with a notification of sale. The appointed solicitors are now aware of the transaction. Your solicitor will then require forms to be completed and funds on account to start the process.

Stage 7 – The Process

Once all parties have been instructed then the sales process begins. The time frame is normally 6-8 weeks for exchange of contracts and completion a minimum of 1 week thereafter. The transaction process can seem complicated and overwhelming at times. Enam have employed a dedicated team to chase the transaction from offer agreed through to completion. We aim to both process the transaction in an efficient and speedy fashion and offer our services to both solicitors/licensed conveyancer on both sides in the assistance of the transaction. We will update you regularly with the process and ensure that you are kept up to date with time frames and outstanding enquiries. 

Stage 8 – Exchange of Contracts

Exchange of contracts is carried out by your solicitor/licensed conveyancer with the purchasers solicitor/licensed conveyancer. Upon exchange of contracts the transaction becomes legally binding between you the seller and the purchaser and a completion date is set. Mortgage lenders normally require a minimum of 1 week to draw the funds down for completion.

Stage 9 – Completion

Completion takes place once your solicitor/licensed conveyancer has received funds from the purchasers solicitor/licensed conveyance. Once your solicitor/licensed conveyancer has received the funds then the property has effectively changed hands and you are no longer the legal owner. We will receive confirmation from your solicitor/licensed conveyancer of completion and instructions to release keys to the purchaser. We will require keys for the property to release to the new owner.


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