Ultimate Management Service

ENAM Property Management are not just your ordinary lettings/management agent, we provide a service with a slight twist.

As property managers we aim to manage your property for a two-five year time frame, in the hope we can provide you a management service that's free of charge and most importantly, completely stress free for you.

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How it works

ENAM Property Management effectively becomes your tenant, guaranteeing you a fixed annual rental income regardless of whether the property is empty or the tenant stops paying. We then let the rooms individually, taking great care to select the right kind of tenants because if they stop paying, leave suddenly or damage the property we take the financial hit rather than you.

We only house working professionals who can provide proof of employment; it’s our guarantee to you. When we sub-let the property we take the normal deposit from the tenant, which is then registered with one of the approved deposit protection services. When the tenant checks out, the deposit is used to cover the cost of damages that might have been incurred.

As well as this, we guarantee a monthly visit to each one of our properties to ensure everything is in order. Any problems that occur within our tenancy, that are outside the remit of our pre-agreed parameters, we promise to resolve.

  • The agreement that we have in place will be a commercial lease agreement
  • No fees/commissions
  • Upon inception of the agreement, we will provide you with one month’s rent upfront.
  • Full property management, with no hassle for you.
  • We add value to your property. We are happy to spend up to £300 on renovations/ repairs.
  • All tenant deposits will be placed into an approved deposit protection scheme, insuring all mishaps or damages that are liable to the tenant.

Typical Management Service v Ultimate Management Service:

Case Study:

A property is currently advertised for rent at £1625 pcm. Based upon this figure,

Expected NET Payment from current property manager:

Rent: £1,625
Average Tenancy: 12 months
Gross Annual Market Rent: £19,500
Management Fee at 15% (inc. 20% VAT): £3,510
Void period of four weeks: £1,500
NET Rent = £14,490
Enam Property Management take into context the market rate for your property and offer you a monthly rental value which is 90% of the value of your desired market rent, but completely removes all of the risk and hassle associated with letting.

What you can expect from ENAM Property Management:

GUARANTEED Rent at 90% of £1625: £1462.5
Average Tenancy: 12 months
Gross Annual Market Rent: £17,550
Management Fee: N/A
Void period: N/A
NET Rent = £17,550
Which of the above do you prefer??

* To confirm our commitment to providing the most unique management service in the country, we are prepared to pay direct to you, one month’s rent up front.

* Dependant upon the property, we may pay up to 100% of current market value.
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